Chiropractic Research: Chiropractic Adjustments Help Shorten Childbirth and Relieve Pregnancy

Chiropractic Research: Chiropractic Adjustments Help Shorten Childbirth and Relieve Pregnancy

Chiropractic Research: Chiropractic Adjustments Help Shorten Child Birth and Relieve Pregnancy Many do not understand what chiropractic care would have to do with pregnancy, labor and childbirth.

As a matter of fact, all women would benefit from receiving chiropractic adjustments while pregnant to ease pregnancy discomfort, get labor relief, and shorten childbirth delivery time.


What Does Chiropractic Contribute With to Ease Pregnancy?

The benefits of chiropractic when pregnant are many. Chiropractic helps:

  • Maintaining a healthier pregnancy
  • Controlling symptoms of nausea
  • Reducing the time of labor and delivery
  • Relieving back, neck or joint pain
  • Preventing a potential cesarean delivery

Chiropractic Research – Case Study on Pregnancy and Childbirth

The Journal of Pediatric performed a case study, which confirmed the benefits of chiropractic care in pregnant women.

Objective of Study

To describe the changes in labor and delivery duration for a pregnant patient that did not receive chiropractic care throughout her first pregnancy, but did receive subluxation centered chiropractic care throughout her second pregnancy.

Clinical Features

The subject of the study was a 28-year-old woman before even being pregnant yet. She was presented to the chiropractor for wellness care purposes. She informed the chiropractor that she would sometimes experience pain at the tip of her tailbone that started after she gave birth to her first child.

When asked about her labor and delivery, she stated that it was long and difficult. Her initial chiropractic examination took place approximately eleven months before the conception of her second child, and she received regular chiropractic adjustments throughout the pregnancy, all the way until the birth of her second child.

Intervention and Outcome

The patient was cared for with Diversified Technique adjustments and was recommended, and also used, a pelvic compression belt. She received 32 adjustments prior to the conception of her second child. She also received 19 adjustments after she became pregnant that took place all the way up until the birth of her second child. Her second birth experience was both shorter and easier than the first childbirth.


This case report provides supporting evidence that subluxation centered chiropractic care on pregnant patients can have beneficial effects on the birthing process, and the actual pregnancy.

If you are currently pregnant, or are planning to be, do not hesitate to visit Dr. Adam Nachmias – Nachmias Chiropractic to receive chiropractic adjustments.

It Is Tough As It Is to Be Pregnant, So Why Not Get Help to Ease the Discomfort?

Dr. Adam has over 26 years experience of working with pregnant women to help relive back and neck pain, joint pain, nausea, ease labor and shorten childbirth delivery time.

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We warmly welcome you to find pregnancy relief at Nachmias Chiropractic!

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No More Allergy Symptoms!

No More Allergy Symptoms!

No More Allergy Symptoms! Visit Nachmias Chiropractic and say good bye to allergy symptomsMillions of people suffer from seasonal hay fever, which causes the body to become hypersensitive to pollen and other environmental substances. This condition causes a number of irritating symptoms that can make life miserable. 

The number of people with allergies is increasing rapidly. Seasonal or not, all allergies are the result of an exaggerated response by the immune system to substances that are recognized as foreign.

In people with allergies, the immune system produces a specific antibody known as immunoglobulin E in response to pollen, pet dander, foods, dust, and other matters, which in turn produces the symptoms of allergic reactions.

At this time, the number of people affected by allergy symptoms is between 10-30% of the total population, and this number is increasing rapidly. For Americans, who suffer from nasal and seasonal allergies, the costs quickly add up. It is currently estimated that between doctor visits, prescriptions, and time missed from work, these allergies cost in excess of 3 billion each year.

However, With the Help of Chiropractic Care You Can Say Good Bye to Allergy Symptoms and Expensive Doctor Visits!

How Can We Claim So You May Think?

The reason behind our somewhat bold statement is the fact that the strength of both immune system and respiratory systems depends largely on proper communication between the brain and spinal cord. This communication is essential for all internal organs to function properly.

When there are interruptions in the communication between the brain and spinal cord, such as misalignments of the spine, the immunity may be compromised, and the body cannot fight allergy symptoms. This upper cervical joint irritation can exaggerate, or even produce allergic and asthmatic symptoms.

When manually adjusting the joints and soft tissue, it helps restore alignment, and re-opens the necessary pathways of communication between the brain and spine. In addition to promoting a stronger immune system, chiropractic adjustments may also help regulate the rush of histamine and amount of cortisol produced during high allergy seasons.

The majority of allergies involve release of inflammatory producing substances such as histamine. Adequate production of cortisol (an anti-inflammatory hormone produced by the adrenal gland) is necessary to combat this. Evidence has shown that many allergy sufferers have weak adrenal gland function.

What needs to be understood is that the adrenal gland is fed directly by the T9 spinal level nerve root, meaning once again that spinal misalignments can greatly impact allergic reactions (source: &

Who is Dr. Adam Nachmias and How Can He Help?

Dr. Adam has been successful treating allergy symptoms and all kinds of pain conditions for over 26 years. He is the founder and owner of Nachmias Chiropractic and its two chiropractic practices in Bayridge and Manhattan, New York.

Dr. Adam got nominated 2016’s Best Chiropractor in New York for the 2nd year in a row by and

His existing patients cannot stop praising him. Find out what they are saying here.

Dr. Adam Nachmias can help identify any underlying neck and back misalignments, which may be compromising your immune system. He can also help you determine the best practices and eating habits to help keep allergic reactions away.

Stop the allergy suffering today!

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Allergy Relief Is Here With the Help of
Nachmias Chiropractic!


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What Is Good Health and How to Maintain It?

What Is Good Health and How to Maintain It?

What Is Good Health and How to Maintain It? Nachmias Chiropractic

What is good health? Is it being pain-free, having energy and to be happy? Or just to wake up every morning and be alive? People measure health differently depending on what is important to them.

What we know, is that people who are very ill would give anything to experience a single day of good health and well-being. Often, people take their health for granted and do not appreciate it until they lose their good health to illness.

In this issue, we want to give you a few advices that will help making your health better:

Proper Breathing

Proper breathing is especially vulnerable with the workflow of modern society, where one often sits a lot throughout the day when working. It is impossible to breathe deeply enough in a sitting position, thus converting the breathing to a systematic and superficial process that causes the lungs to lose the ability to properly dilate. The respiration then provides insufficient amounts of oxygen to the body as a result of the lungs not being enough dilated.

The blood will circulate slower, which in turn contributes to the toxins produced by wear and tear, will be retained in the body and damage the blood, lungs, stomach, liver and brain.

The result of irregular respiration is retardation of the digestive system. Also, the heart becomes depressed, the brain gets clouded, and your thoughts become disorganized, leaving your body sensitive to disease.

You may also experience confusion and memory loss. Other symptoms of poor respiration can be: sore throat, and heart-lung-liver discomfort.

Stay away from corsets and waist-trainers that squeeze the body and inhibit good, deep breathing.

Recommendations to Increase Breathing

Enjoy outdoor walks on a daily basis. It gives you larger amounts of fresh air and reinvigorates your entire body and mind. The brain needs five times more oxygen than any other part of the human body, so keep breathing deeply and stay focused.

Proper breathing will literally free us from many headaches.

Keep the H2O Coming

Drink at least eight glasses of water a day, or 1.5 liters. Water is crucial for the blood circulation and for the lymphatic, and intracellular fluids. It literally cleanses the whole body.

For headache relief, a good advice is to put your feet in hot water, while also putting cold compresses on the forehead. This is said to relive headache.

Ensure Optimal Health with Chiropractic Adjustments

Even better for headache relief is chiropractic adjustments. If you really want to ensure good health and well-being, and even prevent possible illness, you should visit Dr. Adam Nachmias at Nachmias Chiropractic and get a spinal alignment. With manual chiropractic adjustments, Dr. Adam removes subluxations (blockages) of the spine and helps the nervous system to flow freely in the body.

A healthy nervous system is crucial for good health. The body’s immune system derives from the nervous system, so keeping the nervous system flowing freely contributes to optimal health. It will also prevent you from future illness.

Chiropractic Adjustments Help Healing the Body Naturally Without Invasive Surgery,
or Chemical Drugs.

Book an appointment with Dr. Adam Nachmias today and ensure optimal health before illness already happens!

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Maintain good health with the help of Nachmias Chiropractic! 

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