Benefits with Pediatric Chiropractic

Benefits with Pediatric Chiropractic - Nachmias ChiropracticPediatric chiropractic is extremely safe if you make sure to visit an experienced chiropractor, like Dr. Adam Nachmias – Nachmias Chiropractic. The main difference adjusting a child is that the contacts need to be smaller and the thrust more shallow with less force.

Children have the same joints as adults, but they are not yet fully formed. Their joints are still more cartilaginous than truly bony, so the adjustments have to be a little bit faster, but with less force. This is due to the increased flexibility within the joint and the smaller surface area you are targeting. Another option with children in certain cases is to mobilize joints rather than manipulating them.

Chiropractors have the lowest malpractice rates of all primary health care providers in the country, and those rates are based on risk.

Chiropractic Treatment of Chronic Ear Infections in Children

One of the most common reasons parents bring their children to the chiropractor is for management of chronic ear infections.

How can a chiropractor treat ear infections you may think?
Let us explain this process as easy to understand as possible. When a child develops ear infections, the biggest issue is that fluid is getting trapped in the middle ear cavity, creating a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses.

Medically, you normally use an antibiotic to kill the bacteria and viruses, but that does nothing about the fluid buildup.

The reason to fluids building up is when the muscles surrounding the Eustachian tubes are spasming, this reaction can close down the tube’s opening and not allow the fluids to drain.

What Dr. Adam Nachmias does to prevent chronic ear infections is to stop those muscles from spasming, and allow the fluids to drain freely from the Eustachian tubes.

In fact, there is a good reason to heal ear infections in children naturally through chiropractic adjustments. Namely, because of the large amount of pediatric patients that got treated with antibiotics (about 585,000 patients in 2009) required medical attention.

Chiropractic Care Beneficial for Other Disorders and Pain Symptoms

Chiropractic has also been shown to help childhood developmental disorders and syndromes, like cerebral palsy, ADHD, autism, post-stroke, down syndrome etc.

By adjusting subluxations (blockages) of the spine, the nervous system can flow freely and function at its best, allowing the body to reach its fullest potential, and improve quality of life for the child.

There is no legitimate scientific proof of chiropractic for developmental disorders, but parents to children with these disorders have announced an improvement in their child’s behavior (parts taken from:

Make sure your child gets a good start in life. Visit Dr. Adam Nachmias – Nachmias Chiropractic for a chiropractic exam and consultation. We will treat your child like it was ours, and promise you that he/she will be in excellent hands. Dr. Adam has more than 26 years experience in pediatric chiropractic.

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