Can Chiropractic Help My Knee Pain?

Can Chairopractic Help My Knee Pain? Nachmias ChiropracticNot sure if you should receive chiropractic for your knee pain? Maybe, you even doubt, or cannot understand how chiropractic can help treating knee pain in the first place? Well, those are exactly the questions we are going to answer with this article.

As a matter of fact, chiropractic can be one of your best options to treat knee pain (that is, if it is not pain due to an acute accident). Why live with the pain? Why reducing your activity level and start taking pain medication when you do not have to? We all know that pain killers are not good for the health and often come with bad side effects.

A licensed chiropractor, like Dr. Adam Nachmias – Nachmias Chiropractic can address the underlying issues that are likely to be causing your knee pain.

The Complexity of Knee Joints
The knee is a complex joint, which relies heavily on ligaments and muscles for stability. When pain is perceived as coming from the knee, all the anatomical components need to be examined, and in addition to the knee joint, the lower back, pelvis, hips, ankles and the feet, need to be examined due to the direct influence they have on the knee, and vice versa.

Pain can often be referred from other structures in the lower back, pelvis and hip, into the knee. If other joints in the lower limbs are not working as they should, they can put stress on the knee joint, resulting in injury over time. This is why athletes often develop knee injuries and pain after a while of intense wear and tear.

When Should I Get Chiropractic Treatment?
There are several signs indicating it may be time to seek treatment from your chiropractor. The main reason to seek treatment is if the knee pain is severe enough to limit your ability to function in your every day life. You do not have to accept living with constant knee pain.

Find more signs to when it is time to seek chiropractic for your knee pain:

  • If the knee pain is limiting your day-to-day, or sport activities.
  • If you have been given painkillers, or taken anti-inflammatory medication and been ordered rest, but still no improvement.
  • If you have been told that your knee pain is due to arthritis and there is nothing that can be done.
  • If you have knee pain with restricted motion.

There are usually several angles of approach when it comes to treating knee pain. Often you use a combination of:

  1. Using ice to reduce inflammation around the joint.
  2. Soft tissue massage to help improve the knee’s range of motion, and
  3. Chiropractic manipulations and mobilization techniques.

The combination of methods can help reduce knee pain drastically, while simultaneously increasing range of motion in the joint and improving its overall function
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With the help of Dr. Adam Nachmias, issues causing knee pain can be corrected, so you can live a pain free life. 

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