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Being healthy is everyone’s concern. Many people, however, can not define what being healthy really is. If I were to ask you to define what health is to you, you might say “feeling good” or “when nothing hurts.” That does not mean everything is okay. As we all know, there are many people who feel fine but may actually be sick.

If you were to look up health in a dictionary, it would probably say something about all of the body’s parts functioning normally. In Dorland’s Medical Dictionary, health is defined as a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being,  not just the lack of disease and infirmity. This is a lot more than “feeling good.” Chiropractic, from two Greek words meaning done by hand, (i.e. naturally, without drugs) is the only healing science which has as its basis the prevention of pain and disease.  The other healing sciences attempt to treat pain and disease after you already have begun to suffer.

Doctors of Chiropractic (D.C.) maintain the health of their patients naturally. Gently and without drugs, they move back into place vertebrae that are no longer in their proper position. A vertebrae that is out of place is called a subluxation. Moving it back into place is called an adjustment.


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Why Is Chiropractic So Important?

Ninety-five percent of all the body’s nerves travel from the brain through the spine, exiting from between the vertebrae (intervertebral foramin), to communicate with all the organs, glands, and tissues of the body. This is how the brain (the body’s main computer) can tell if any part of the body is not working up to 100% capability, and make any necessary corrections, naturally and without drugs.  This means that 95% of the body’s function can be directly affected by what is going on in your back.

Best Chiropractic Care at Nachmias ChiropracticIf one or more of the vertebrae is misaligned (subluxated), nerve root irritation, pinching, or even blocking of the messages that the brain sends to different parts of the body can occur. This is the direct cause of conditions leading to malfunctions in the body and to pain and possibly, disease. Although nothing is as complex as the body’s nervous system, the telephone wiring in your home is very similar. The power may be going through the circuitry, but if there is a problem with the wires, you will get static and you may not be able to hear what is being said on the other end of the line. Some of the ways in which misalignments of the vertebrae could manifest themselves are not only as head , neck, and back pains, but also as joint pains, allergies, asthma, bronchitis, colitis, dizziness, chronic fatigue, glandular problems, impotence, stomach and intestinal problems, nervousness, and stress.

Everyday approximately 10,000 Americans seek chiropractic care for the first time. A few have only minor complaints. Others suffer from the pain and discomfort of serious health problems or injuries caused by sports, work or automobile-related accidents. Many of them are seeking chiropractic care as a last resort.

Despite the wide availability of chiropractic care (it is the fastest growing health care profession in the world), many Americans do not know about or understand chiropractic care. They continue to pop pills so the pain and discomfort are not as bad. Taking drugs may mask the pain and discomfort, yet in many instances it does little or nothing to solve the problems causing them.

Did You Know That Most Insurance Policies Cover Chiropractic Care?

Best Chiropractic Care at Nachmias Chiropractic If you are involved in an automobile accident or hurt on the job, your chiropractic care may also be covered. In addition, we offer family plans for chiropractic care at our office that can make our services affordable for your family.

As a community service, I offer a wellness seminar at my Bay Ridge office, located at 8723 Ridge Blvd in Brooklyn. The purpose of the hour-long class is to introduce chiropractic health care to the community and to answer questions about this modern, drug-free approach to health.

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