Chiropractic Success Story

 A Chiropractic Success Story

A Chiropractic Success Story of whiplash and lower back pain - Nachmias Chiropractic

In this edition we want to present one of many success stories, which we thankfully get from our patients at Nachmias Chiropractic. If you have been in doubt whether to try chiropractic or not, this will certainly help you make your decision.

Whiplash and Lower Back Pain
I suffer from a whiplash injury, which happened about 12 years ago. My friend was driving and we were entering a roundabout when a car smashed into us from behind. The crash wasn’t big at all. I hardly felt any pain right then, but I guess it was with enough impact to create my neck injury. Since I barely felt anything, I didn’t go to the hospital for a check-up and x-rays. Big mistake! If you ever get into a car accident you should always go and get a check-up of your neck and back. This, also to get help with insurance if you turn out to have an injury. I have paid for all treatments myself, which has cost me a lot over the years.

It took months until I started to get bad headaches and they always started from the neck. My neck got stiff with big painful knots on each side where the head begins. The knots (or swelling) were extremely painful, and gradually the headaches creped up on me. At some occasions my neck was so stiff and painful that I could hardly move it from side to side, and it was even hard to lay down on the pillow at night. It’s a type of pain that doesn’t go away with pain medications either.

The dizziness was very uncomfortable as well. It happened to me a lot and still does if it goes too long between my chiropractic treatments. For example; I could stand in the shower or sit down and all of a sudden my head started spinning from nowhere. Very uncomfortable.

Thanks to my amazing chiropractor, Dr. Adam Nachmias, and chiropractic adjustments I’m now totally relieved from my headaches and stiff painful neck! By aligning the spine and releasing the pressure on my neck, the nervous system started functioning properly again, and my body healed itself from the pain. Incredible!

The same goes for my lumbagos (or back cracks) that usually happen 5-6 times a year. I think they are due to the wear and tear from 20 years as a professional dancer, which is a sport that’s tough on the body. My last lumbago happened 2 weeks ago at my dance rehearsal. However, after two chiropractic treatments with lower back adjustments and electricity, I’m all good again. I experienced one day of soreness and then I was back to normal. For me this is fantastic and I can’t thank Dr. Adam Nachmias enough for enabling me to live an active and healthy life!!

I would highly recommend all of you pain sufferers from chronic pain, or any type of pain, to first seek out Dr. Adam Nachmias at Nachmias Chiropractic as a first treatment option. He obviously performs miracles, and the best part of it is that it’s a totally natural way of healing, without using chemical drugs with dangerous side effects.

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With love and gratitude,
Stina Pettersson

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