Common Questions & Answers About Chiropractic

Chiropractic Care at Nachmias ChiropracticAnswers to Common Questions About Chiropractic Care
There’s a good chance you have some questions about chiropractic care. Below are answers to the questions we hear most often. We invite you to contact our office with any questions you may have at: 212-924-1700 or: 718-832-7300.

What Is An Adjustment?
An adjustment is a specific chiropractic procedure using carefully directed and controlled pressure to restore spinal bones to their normal position and motion. Normalizing the position and motion of spinal bones eliminates the Vertebral Subluxation Complex and allows the body to begin the healing process.

What Is a Vertebral Subluxation Complex?
This is a medical term for when a bone is not stting in the right position, pressing and impinging on a nerve.

Does Everyone Get Subluxations (misalignments)?
Yes. Spinal misalignment is a common health problem due to stress, long periods of sitting (often at desks!), and many other activities. Fortunately the body can correct many of these spinal problems on its own. Yet, often the only way to eliminate the Vertebral Subluxation Complex is by specific spinal adjustments to restore biomechanical function and remove nerve system interference.

Are Subluxations (misalignments) Always Painful?
Not always. Your body is very adaptive and can accommodate some spinal distortion without pain. However, damage to the spine is cumulative.

Is Pain Always Associated With Improper Spinal Function?
Not necessarily, but chronic misalignment, even without pain, creates problems for your body over time.

What Is The Sound I Hear When The Doctor Adjusts My Spine?
It is the sound of the fluid and soft tissue moving in the spinal joint as it returns to its position. It often sounds much louder to you because sounds travel easily up the spinal column to your ears.

How Long Does It Take To Feel Better?
As with any healing process, every persons progress is different. Often, spinal problems are the result of years of neglect, so recovery will be longer than someone who has had consistent care. Your personal lifestyle, diet, exercise, and health care regimen all affect your progress.

Does Chiropractic Work For Many Types Of Health Problems?
Yes. Chiropractic care is successful with a wide variety of health problems, because it improves nerve system function. With a more normal nerve supply the body’s natural healing capacity can improve a variety of health problems.

Why Do Patients Usually Begin Care With a Back-Related Problem And Later Discover Other Health Problems Improve, Too?
Chiropractors work with the nerve system which controls the function of virtually every cell, tissue, and organ, so improving nerve function to address a back problem impacts other areas of the body at the same time.

Why Do I Need To Keep Coming Back So Often?
Retraining muscles that support your spine and maintain proper position and motion of individual vertebrae can be a time-consuming process. Since chiropractors cannot rely on braces to move spinal bones like orthodontists use to reposition teeth, repeated adjustments over time are necessary.

Do Chiropractors Also Work With Children?
Yes. Since significant spinal trauma can occur during the birth process, many patients have their children and newborns checked for Vertebral Subluxation Complex. Adjusting procedures are adapted for a child’s spine. They get the same improvements in overall health as adults, but usually faster.

Is a Good Work Out The Same As Getting Adjusted?
No. Exercise is an important part of good health, yet without normal spinal function a physical workout just puts additional wear and tear on improperly functioning spinal joints.

I Was Hurt In an Accident. Can I Get Chiropractic Care?
Yes, accidents often cause misalignments that should be corrected for recovery and optimum health. Nearly all car insurance includes chiropractic care.

For slips and falls, all Worker’s Comp policies include chiropractic. Just give Stephanie in our offices a call if you have any questions at 718-832-7300. She’ll be glad to help you.

Get answers about chiropractic care by Nachmias ChiropracticShould You Be Adjusted If You Are Pregnant?
Any time is a good time for a better functioning nerve system. Adjusting methods are always adapted to a patient’s size, weight, and condition. Pregnant mothers often find chiropractic adjustments improve lower back support and lessen the complications of delivery.

Will I Have To See a Chiropractor For The Rest Of My Life?
That is up to you. Most patients want to maintain their progress and help keep the problems from returning and find regular care helpful. Other patients look to chiropractic for help only when they have obvious symptoms. Whatever your goal, we are here to support your decision. Visit the BEST chiropractor in NYC, Chelsea and Bay Ridge, Brooklyn – Nachmias Chiropractic, contact us here.

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