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Sample Reviews from ZocDoc 2017:

Reviews Dr. Adam Nachmias - Nachmias Chiropractic on ZocDoc

Reviews Dr. Adam Nachmias - Nachmias Chiropractic on ZocDoc

ZocDocStars I have been going to a chiropractor for over 20 years. IMHO, chiropractic has saved me from many a malady. I have been going to Dr Adam since we moved to Manhattan a year and a half ago. He is similar in demeanor to my old chiropractor, has confidence in his abilities and gets the job done well— has been doing it for 3 decades (judging by his age, which I share with him) and all cheerfully so.

May I give a shout out to Key, his faithful office assistant? It’s just a good group…family, really. Go…chiropractic will save you (health care premiums and deductibles) money in the long run- not to mention trips to the “regular western medicine” doc. And be less wear and tear on your body. And, ultimately, a time savings -something we can all use. Mary J, March 21, 2017.

ZocDocStars He was great. Super friendly and easy going. My back felt great
walking out of there. Genesis W, March 16, 2017.

ZocDocStars Dr. Adam actually listened careful to all my concerns. He was gentle and very knowledgeable..Office was well kept and the reception was friendly. Adam C, March 1, 2017.

ZocDocStars His energy is infectious. He is knowledgeable and thorough.
I felt well taken care of. Lisandra R, February 24, 2017.

Reviews June – July, 2016

Nachmias Chiropractic's 5 star reviews“There are no words to describe how gratifying it feels to read that my hard work and long hours at the office pay off, and that you’re all feeling better. Thank you so much for all beautiful reviews!!” With love, Dr. Adam Nachmias.

ZocDocStarsI love dr Adam. I have chronic scoliosis and have seen many chiropractors in my life because I really believe in chiropractic care as a way to take care of myself. Dr Adam is by far the best chiropractor I’ve ever had, he provides great care and always makes even my worst aches feel better. July 19, 2016, by Keely G.

ZocDocStarsHad a great first visit. I got to the office early and was taken about 20 minutes early. The receptionist (I’m blanking on her name) was extremely nice and friendly. Dr. Adam was very nice, was professional but still wanted to get to know me, which made me feel far more relaxed. He relieved some pain, sent me for x-rays, and I’m going back in a couple of days for a follow up. July 6, 2016. by Adam G.

ZocDocStarsAdam is absolutely the best! I highly recommend him! July 5, 2016, by Marina L.

ZocDocStarsDr. Adam is a wonderful chiropractor. He’s thorough & really looks at how the the whole structure of the body work together rather than isolating one part, that may be the painful part. Great dr! July 2, 2016, by by Nicole C.

ZocDocStarsPhenomenal and very friendly, June 1, 2016, by Joshua R.

ZocDocStarsAmazing chiropractor and staff. I always leave feeling a hundred percent better! June 21, 2016, by Kayla K.

ZocDocStarsHe’s amazing. Magic in his fingertips! June 16, 2016, by Chaya L.

ZocDocStarsIt was my first time seeing a chiropractor. I was a little nervous but Adam made me feel extremely comfortable. He was able to answer any questions I had and made my lower back pain go away. I also loved how friendly the receptionist was. I forgot her name but she was also extremely sweet and helpful. June 16, 2016, by Noetsy D.

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ZocDocStarsAdam and his staff were super kind. He seems to really connect with his patients because those who came in to see him were bright and all smiles. I left feeling like a new man after Adam relieved a lot of the pressure that was built up in my neck and shoulders. June 7, 2016, by Cameron W.

ZocDocStarsSimply amazing. June 3, 2016, by Lulu C.

ZocDocStarsDon’t be fooled by the aesthetics of the office, Dr. Nachmias is incredible. He is one of the few chiropractors that is confident enough to give real adjustments. He is extremely kind, good humored and a real professional. I highly recommend him and his assistant is a real delight! May 25, 2016, by Megan B.

ZocDocStarsHaving Saturday appointments was a factor in going to see Dr Adam but the magic he worked on my back will make me a loyal patient. He doesn’t take my insurance but I don’t even care. Worth every penny to be able to move again! May 14, 2016, by a Verified Patient.

ZocDocStarsMy visit was great as usual. I always feel refreshed a after my appointment with Dr. Adam. The front desk is always a pleasure to communicate with. May 12, 2016, by Gregory N.

ZocDocStarsDr. Adam is amazing! May 12, 2016, by Steven H.

ZocDocStarsI’m always happy with the adjustments and appointments here, this was no different. I left with a light step and feeling good, also with some posture pointers, which were a help. May 7, 2016, by a Verified Patient.

ZocDocStarsAdam is amazing! I have been his patient for the past two and a half years and I look forward to each visit to his office. It is not just the knowledge he has about the human body and the ability to help you feel better immediately that makes him amazing, it is also the warm atmosphere of his office where you always feel welcome and where you are made to be a part of a community. Adam takes time with his patients and listens carefully to what you are feeling to access what kind of therapy is the best for you. He is someone you can trust and rely on to truly pay attention and give you the care you need. April 30, 2016 by Patrick O.

ZocDocStarsWonderful! He’s very personable and cares about treating the entire body, not just tweaking the immediate problem. Highly recommend! April 26, 2016 by Mary B.

ZocDocStarsAdam was great. Funny and personable and though it was my first time here, I’ve had other chiropractic work and can already say he’s one of the best adjusters (back crackers) I’ve encountered. Looking forward to more visits. April 21, 2016 by Haley J.

ZocDocStarsWe had to wait quite a while to see the doctor despite the fact that we were on time. That initially made us upset because we were counting on being out by a certain time. However that aside Dr. Nachmias was absolutely awesome. He’s funny and great at what he does. We will absolutely continue seeing him. April, 2016 by Verified Patient

ZocDocStarsDr Nachmias has been a great help with my lower back pain! I always feel much better after being adjusted. I would definitely recommend him. April 15, 2016 by Valerie W.

Nachmias Chiropractic's 5 star reviewsZocDocStarsRight away doesn’t even do justice to how quickly I am seen when I go to Dr. Adams office. Rene is so welcoming and makes you feel at home when you come in for your appointment. They accept credit cards and have massage therapists available. The treatment is quick and effective. I would defintely recommend Dr Adam!! April 11, 2016 by Arielle D.

ZocDocStarsDr Adam is a gem! I’ve been to a lot of chiropractors in the past and I can confidently say he is the best I’ve been too. He is extremely dedicated, very knowledgeable and both offices are very accommodating. I’ve been struggling with back spasms due to scoliosis for 10 years. The weekend prior to coming in I couldn’t walk due to some of the worst out-of-the-blue back spasms I’ve experienced. After one adjustment I felt about 75% better, by the second I was 100% up and running. He is incredibly kind and friendly and I always look forward to my visits. February 22, 2016 by Brian A.

          • ZOCDstars Adam was fantastic- efficient and thorough. I appreciated his old school chiropractic mentality; he knows exactly the right spots to adjust. I’ll be returning! February, 2016 by Diana M.
          • ZOCDstars Great doctor. So happy to have found him! Already feel better and looking forward to going back again. Front desk was also incredibly helpful and friendly. February, 2016 by Robin D.
          • ZOCDstars I have seen Dr. Adam Nachmias several times. Everytime is great! Super fast and effective. I have been struggling with upper back pain for a while and for the first time I feel like it’s being managed correctly. His pricing is also very fair and I am able to see him often which is helpful! Highly recommend!!!!
            February, 2016 by Katherine M.
          • ZOCDstars He was very down to earth and a absolute professional. One of the best in the biz.
            February, 2016 by Angella H.
          • ZOCDstars Dr. Adam was great. He kept it loose and has a great sense of humor. I’d never been to a chiro before so I really appreciated that about him. Most importantly, he helped my back feel a lot better, looking forward to the next appt to continue to get it resolved and maintain myself. Thanks. January, 2016 by Paul L.
          • ZOCDstars He really found the source of my problems and my body feels great right now, awesome Doctor!!! January, 2016 by Jose S.
          • ZOCDstars Great chiropractor and does bone adjustments! None of this new hands off approach which is a travesty to the profession. Office staff is charming and there’s a family feel the second you walk through the door. Highly recommend 🙂 December 2015, by Andrea P.
          • ZOCDstars Very professional and skilled. Uses his hands to adjust rather than using fancy machinery. Very quick with the adjustments. January, 2016 by Richard H.
          • ZOCDstars He really found the source of my problems and my body feels great right now, awesome Doctor!!! January 14, 2016 by Jose S.
          • ZOCDstars Wonderful doctor with good intentions. Def recommend. January 9, 2016 by Verified Patient.
          • ZOCDstars Great “old school” chiropractor. Very knowledgable and he helped to me really understand my back pain as opposed to past chiropractors. He’s also incredibly friendly and upbeat. The staff is great too! January 8, 2016 by Meg L.
          • ZOCDstars My first visit to a chiropractor a little nervous at first. Dr. Adam made me feel at ease and very comfortable. What I found really amazing was once he touch my back, he knew the exact spot of tension. Definitely would recommend Dr. Adam. January 5, 2016 by Peter A.
          • ZOCDstars Relieved my headache right away. Plus, he is a super nice and affable guy. December 29, 2015 by Grace M.
          • ZOCDstars I started seeing Dr. Nachmias in November of 2014 after months of little relief from seeing a different chiropractor for lower back pain. I was desperate for help and Dr. Nachmias saw me right away on a saturday. He is extraordinarily kind and caring and reassured me he would help me get relief and did on the first visit. He and his staff have become like family and I enjoy going there for not only the relief I get but for the fun interactions I have with them. I highly recommend giving Dr. Adam a chance to help you with back pain like he did for me. May 11, 2015 by Dawn C.
          • ZOCDstars Adam, as we go by a first name basis, is a wonderful person and an amazing chiropractor! Amongst his many talents besides just being a superb adjuster is his casual therapy of finding out how you are doing, his stand-up comedy – never a dull moment in his office, and his customer relations – sending complimentary adjustment cards for birthdays and a handful of acts that go above and beyond to make sure you continue to be a happy customer. Heck the day I went the patient before had been seeing him for 25 years! Go to Adam and his staff, your body will thank you. April 9, 2015 by Scott L.
          • ZOCDstars I started seeing Dr. Nachmias after being hit by a car in 2013. I landed on my back in the street, injuring my neck and spine with herniated discs. I chose his office because they accept health insurance and have two convenient locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan. I didn’t expect to heal so soon but Dr. Nachmias played a major role in helping me recuperate and return to an active life. I’m not quite sure what he does and how he is able to quickly assess specific areas of throbbing pain, but he is able to do that and treat it. Going to his office and seeing him is the only consistent health care I receive – always walking in feeling terrible and leaving feeling capable. His office staff are wonderful and develop a caring relationship with patients. His massage therapists are equally wonderful – developing an innate knowledge of how to help heal my pain. Dr. Nachmias has a quirky personality but all of his patients are dedicated to his care, including me. February 24, 2015, by Verified Patient.
          • ZOCDstars He was very friendly, and personable. This is my first time ever going to a chiropractor, and I am planning to stick with him. He has a lot of energy which is great since he seems to be handling a lot of clients. I recommend going to him for sure.
            March 10, 2015, by Christina D.
          • ZOCDstars Booked Dr. Nachmias on ZocDoc for a same day new patient appointment. Both Dr. Nachmias and his receptionist were very friendly. As soon as he brought me in for my consultation he gave me his full attention and really listened to everything I said and asked very applicable questions. I really liked how he used traditional chiropractor techniques as opposed to all the machines. I have been going to a chiropractor for years and have found my new chiropractor in Dr. Nachmias. March 2015, by Verified Patient.
          • ZOCDstars Dr. Nachmias is magical. Instant relief, though I still have some healing to do. I will definitely be back. March 4, 2015, by Joni T.
          • ZOCDstars Dr. Nachmias was excellent! I felt immediate relief. I’ll definitely be back again. March, 2015, by Jenna H.
          • ZOCDstars I went in for my first-ever chiropractor visit because of worsening neck upper back shoulder and arm pain. Dr. Nachmias was kind and friendly, explained the procedure to me, and treated my pain with great expertise. I will be returning. If you have back or neck pain, don’t wait to make your appointment!” Alexandra L.
          • ZOCDstars Super friendly staff! My first experience at a chiropractor and I left feeling amazing! Alison B.
          • ZOCDstars Without fail, Adam has been able to pinpoint my problem areas and address them that very same visit. I’ve had a difficult time finding someone who is so hands on and skilled in the New York City area, but Adam is honestly one of the best chiropractors I’ve been to see. Verified patient.
          • ZOCDstars I look forward to my next visit! Dr. Adam was welcoming and bubbly and I left feeling better. Emily B.
          • ZOCDstars Wonderful chiropractor! Very sweet, funny, and attentive. Highly recommended! Verified Patient.
          • ZOCDstars Hands down the best chiropractor I have ever had! Super personable and outgoing. Makes you feel at home. Maria M.
          • ZOCDstars He was funny and easy going which made me feel at ease and relaxed. He explained everything he was doing as he went along and made sure I understood everything. The experience was great! Cynthia O”.
          • ZOCDstars Great visit, he answered my questions and was very kind and inviting. Sidrah M.
          • ZOCDstars The man’s a miracle worker! Joseph S.
          • ZOCDstars Adam is great!!! A true professional that put me at ease with his personable demeanor. I felt instant relief and will definitely go back. Verified patient.
          • ZOCDstars He was outstanding from start to finish. Very professional with a great sense of humor and also understanding to my specific needs. I am so happy to have found him in my quest for healing. Gina B.

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Sample Reviews from Yelp 2017:

  • YELP_STARS Dr. Nachmias is one of the best chiropractors I’ve seen. He takes the time to ask questions, do things properly and follow up. He’s not going to rush you out or force you to come in 2-3 times a week. He has a plan and wellness is his goal!Give this guy a try, easily one of the best in NY”. Anthony M, Brooklyn, NY, February 19, 2017.
  •   YELP_STARS I have minor scoliosis and it causes constant soreness in my lower back but I always thought I could ‘deal’ with it. Though once I started going to see a chiropractor I realized I didn’t have to! Dr. Adam is helping me find long term pain management paths in a natural way. No more constant Advil taking. If you haven’t tried chiropractic work yet, don’t wait!!” Alexandra T, New York, February 14, 2017.
  •   YELP_STARS Wow! Amazing Chiropractor. I went to see Adam last week with severe back pain. After getting my adjustment, I felt so much lighter. Adam and his staff make you feel very welcome and they are friendly. I am definitely going back to continue working on my body.If you are seeking a professional chiropractor with a great character then go see Adam. You will not regret it!” Giselle P, Boca Raton, FL, December 12, 2016.
  • YELP_STARS Kwana L., Brooklyn, NY, January 2016 –
    We are so Happy To Hear that You, Kwana L. Can Perform Yoga Again!

    Success stories like this review from one of our patients make us extra happy and satisfied. Our mission is to help people get pain relief and feel their best at all times.Success story Nachmias ChiropracticWe want to take this opportunity to thank Kwana L. for the kind words, and also let other pain sufferers know that there is help to get!Dr. Adam Nachmias at Nachmias Chiropractic has 25 years experience of treating any pain symptom such as;  migraine / tension headache, whiplash injuries, low back pain, neck pain, and also; allergies, stress / anxiety / depression, and much more.Dr. Adam also got voted 2015’s Best Chiropractor in New York and Brooklyn, so know that you are completely safe in his hands!Review from Kwana L from January 19, 2016.:
    I was referred to Dr. Adam by a colleague of mine after I threw my back at work. This came at a perfect time as my insurance did not cover the emergency chiropractor I had started going to the day after hurting myself. Dr. Adam takes my insurance, he and his staff are knowledgeable, professional, friendly and funny! After today’s visit and a hot shower, I can stand on one leg in a yoga position I forget the name of, with absolutely no pain! This was not possible for me a week ago. I am very satisfied and will continue to refer friends and family to Nachmias Chiropractic!
  • A Special Thank You to MaKaibree J. for Her Review Confirming That Chiropractic Work Wonders on Prenatal Back Pain, As Well As Lower Back Pain!
    In MaKaibree J’s case Dr. Adam Nachmias saved her husband from having to go through back surgery. His back pain was severe, but with the help of spinal adjustments he got cured from his lower back pain.Furthermore, MaKaibree J. herself got painful back cramps during her second trimester of pregnancy after putting on some extra weight. Dr. Adam relieved MaKaibree from back pain with prenatal chiropractic adjustments.Read the full review from yelp here:Chiropractic Work Wonders on Prenatal Back PainYELP_STARS MaKaibree J, Brooklyn, NY, January 2016
    I chose Dr. Adam for my husband back when he was my boyfriend… He is a journeyman carpenter standing at 6’4″ and was always having back trouble due to the manual labor he puts himself through on a daily basis. To keep things short and sweet Dr. Adam was able to save my husband from getting back surgery and I love him for that.As far as my back… I had very little to no pain prior to pregnancy…Now that I’m entering my second trimester my back has extra weight to carry and was constantly cramping prior to seeing Dr. Adam. I saw him about a week ago and he was able to perform a pre natal adjustment on me that left me feeling the best I have in over three months. Not to mention the prenatal massage he referred me to… I’m am so thankful I read these same Yelp reviews and chose him myself. He is a huge relief to my little family.!Also on that note, his office is a little mom and pop type near the west village. Very old school New York. When you walk in you’ll feel like you’re part of the family… So if you’re looking for fancy shmancy snobby Manhattan business doctor DONT go here because what you’ll find is a cozy little office with a sweet team who will take care of you on a first name basis and keep you healthy.!
  • YELP_STARS Evan C., Manhattan, NY, October 2015
    I had thrown my back out somehow early last week and could not take a step without pain radiating through my body. I called a couple chiropractors trying to get in quickly to find some relief. Nobody could see me until the next Friday and I could not contemplate going through another week with my body hurting so much it affected my entire day.I was referred to Dr. Adam by a friend and he came very positively recommended. I called his Manhattan location and was told they could see me next day.He was also significantly more affordable than the competition, accepting insurance for the visit and leaving me with a small copay. He gave me stim and heat before the treatment to relax the spazzing muscles in my back and gave me an awesome adjustment after. I walked out of the office pain free with a couple sore muscles left over from having my back out for the time it was. A couple days later with those muscles finally calming down, and I feel good as new! Thank you Dr. Adam for helping me so much and providing an incredible experience and Renee for helping keep such a positive family vibe around the office. Everyone who came in left smiling and I plan on booking recurring appointments to maintain feeling good, rather than reacting when I am hurting.
  • YELP_STARS Dan Q., Sunset Park, Brooklyn, NY, August 2015
    We keep emotional stresses in our spine. I believe that a chiropractor can help you relieve much of that stress, the right chiropractor does more then adjust your spine. They make you feel comfortable, they have a great personality, they make you laugh. I was a patient here a few years back when I had a shoulder injury. Dr. Nachmias helped relieve the tension then.Now, I’m back, and today was my second session in a new series. I came because I was feeling a little stress, after just one session I felt much better.Today being the second session I feel even better. It’s as much about the adjustments as the man applying the adjustment and his intention. Dr. Nachmis intention is to help people heal its evident in his actions.
  • YELP_STARS Winona K., Brooklyn, NY, July 2015
    I am going to be in pain for the rest of my life.” That’s what a said to my husband four weeks after my injury.  The pain was horrible.  I had been doing a split – something that always came easy and naturally to me – when I felt a sudden electric shock-like pain shoot through the right side of my body.  Figuring it was a muscle strain, I did all the things one does: Rest, Ice, Elevation…  No good.  Sitting was torture and I couldn’t walk more than two city blocks without a pause.  Standing on a crowded subway train?  Talk about a new level of hell!  The pain was even making it hard to concentrate at work.Nothing was getting better and I felt pretty hopeless. I found Dr. Nachmias through my insurance and, after reading a few reviews, I thought I’d give chiropractic medicine a try.  Best decision I’ve made in a long time!  The office was quite busy, but cheerful and friendly.Dr. Adam came out to introduce himself and check on the appointments throughout my brief wait – very attentive and personable.  When he met with me he could tell my right hip was not in the correct position and – after my first consult, an initial chiropractic adjustment, and a session of gentle electric therapy – sent me for x-rays to review on my next visit.My leg felt a small improvement after the first session – but it was after the second visit that I really felt a really big change- for the better!Chiropratic treatment isn’t a “quick fix” – it’s a therapy that offers long term benefit with regular care.  And – with a physician as thoughtful, skilled, and concerned for the well-being and comfort of their patients as Dr. Nachmias – this is a boon, not a burden! While I’d happily take back the events that lead to my leg injury, I feel fortunate to have discovered the benefit of chiropractic and – especially – Dr. Nachmias!  I wish all health care practitioners were even half as welcoming and professional!
  • YELP_STARS Tim J,. Midtown East Manhattan, June 2015
    Adam is one of the best chiropractors I’ve ever been to. He’s very easygoing and personable and is masterful with his adjustments. Every time I walk out of his office feeling loose, taller, and stress-free. He’s also very helpful with providing health, posture, and lifestyle tips and advice for one to follow in their everyday lives in an effort to minimize the pain and levels of uncomfortability we feel on a daily basis.
  • YELP_STARS Alison M., New York, June 2015
    Even though, I’m a professional dancer, this was my first time seeing a chiropractor. I have to admit, I was apprehensive; but, as soon as I walked in the door, Dr. Nachmias and Lisette made me feel welcome, at ease, and right at home. I arrived early to fill out my paperwork and I was seen immediately. Dr. Nachmias is very charismatic and energetic. He clearly loves his job and his enthusiasm is infectious! After a quick assessment interview, he adjusted my back and I feel so much better! I’ll definitely be back. I highly recommend Dr. Nachmias!
  • YELP_STARS Franca V., New York, June 2015
    Adam, Kee and Lisette make you feel like family from the moment you walk in. Adam is attentive with his adjustments and always makes sure you leave feeling right, even if that means he has to do put you on the table again. As an actor, singer, and musician, my body alignment is a huge priority, and I always leave feeling like I am reset and ready for movement. I didn’t know a lot about chiropractic before I went to Adam, but I know that the therapy has helped me. He also has some of the best massage therapists around. Terrific office and team.
  • YELP_STARS Karin C., Brooklyn NY, May 2015
    After 9 months of pregnancy which felt like I was sent to the gulag – I had a c section and felt deliverance was finally upon me ! I started fantasizing of a body finally free of constant pains and aches !Well… A mere week after my baby boy was born, I was definitely not pain free! After hours of excruciating bent position shoving breasts in baby’s mouth , endless diapers changes, a house turned laundromat chaos, ravenous family members to feed  and virtually no sleep , my body let go : one morning my neck just screamed at me as tears were rolling heavily down my exhausted eyes staring hopelessly opened at the ceiling.It was so bad I started thinking it would last forever. The back of my neck was swollen and felt like lava was bubbling there. Awful. A good 9 out of 10 pain.  Advil and all dr prescribed strong painkillers did nothing.
    Then a thought hit me : chiropractor !
    I yelped for help and found my wizard : nachmias !!
    His wonderful and sweet secretary made me immediately feel at ease with an easy going attitude and warm smile.
    When I finally met nachmias, the experience was really unique : he assessed me in a few minutes looking at my posture while listening to my endless ranting and whining.He is so sharp and skillful that you feel like he is playing you like a virtuoso on his instrument – while fabulous 80ies hits play on the stereo. My feet dancing for a while.
    After a few cracking sounds , my entire body felt longer and better.
    1 Day later I could sleep. The neck pain and the bodily pains started disappearing.
    This is now one month and the fibromyalgia is gone. No more pain !!Doctors were concerned when I talked to them. Always gave me more painkillers.
    Chiropractic approach is really something everyone should consider once in a while – to reset the bones to their right position. We all have our pregnancies, iPads , heavy computer bags , high heels, heavy kids and heavy loads 😉
    I am so so happy I found nachmias chiropractic !
    May you all feel like a do now 😉 Karin
  • YELP_STARS Pablo G., Brooklyn, NY, May 2015
    I found it amazing on the very first day that every single patient that walked in or out of the office had a huge smile on their face, but now I know why.All the previous raving reviewers were absolutely spot on with their assessment, so I’ll keep mine short and sweet.I walked into Adam’s office on 4/29 barely able to sit or stand upright.  I walked out that same day with a preliminary assessment, instructions for x-rays and very little pain—still amazed by that.  I went back for my follow up visit a few days later, got a treatment plan and have little or no pain since.
  • YELP_STARS Valeri T., Brooklyn, NY, May 2015
    I’ve been seeing Adam for the past two months. I have had issues in my neck and shoulder for many years that I haven’t taken care of but knew I had to. I am so happy I found his office. I have noticed a significant improvement in my pain. He took his time to listen to my issues and walk through my X-rays and talk about what would make me feel better. And it’s working!It’s a scary thing to put your body in a Drs hands but he makes you feel comfortable and you just trust him because he cares about his patients.I now see him every week without fault and get a massage to compliment my treatment. I now realize how important it is to take care of those kinks if you want to feel better and he is someone I’m glad I found to help me improve my health. His staff is friendly and they know your name which is a nice surprise at any office. I really enjoy my visits and the great results I am seeing. Check him out and give him a try you will not regret it!
  • YELP_STARS Scott L., Brooklyn NY, April 2015
    Adam, as we go by a first name basis, is a wonderful person and an amazing chiropractor! Amongst his many talents besides just being a superb adjuster is his casual therapy of finding out how you are doing, his stand-up comedy – never a dull moment in his office, and his customer relations – sending complimentary adjustment cards for birthdays and a handful of acts that go above and beyond to make sure you continue to be a happy customer. Heck the day I went the patient before had been seeing him for 25 years! Go to Adam and his staff, your body will thank you.
  • YELP_STARS Rebekah S., New York, April 2015
    I went in because I twisted the wrong way and a disc in my lower back was popped out. It was very painful and after seeing other doctors they told it would just take time to heal. It was bad, I couldn’t even put my own shoes on well and pants took a long time. I have always listened to my body, i knew it was more than just ‘taking time to heal’ and after reading a few reviews and not being able to tolerate the pain, i gave him a try. AS SOON AS I left I was able to bend down with very little pain (more like sore), put my shoes and pants on easily and he informed me that I had a bulging disc, which I thought prior to seeing him.. I just wonder why no other Dr. could tell me that?!?  #oldschooldoctorsknowbetter
  • YELP_STARS Lana K., Manhattan, NY, March 2015
    I started going to Dr. Adam to treat a pinched nerve in my back.  Aside from exponentially improving my quality of life and making it possible to hold my head up comfortably, my weekly visits to the office are always something to look forward to.  Dr. Adam and Lisette are always happy and welcoming and a pleasure to chat with while I wait for a room to free up.  I have recommended Dr. Adam to basically everyone I talk to, including my other doctors, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.
  • YELP_STARS Sharon G., Brooklyn, NY
    Best. Chiropractor. Ever. Seriously. After a series of not so successful experiences with other chiropractors, I had just about given up on the field. When I found myself almost unable to stand 2 weeks ago, a friend suggested I go see Dr. Adam. Best advice I’ve ever gotten. Almost immediately after our first session, I was in considerably less pain. With each successive appointment I’m feeling better beyond any expectations I could have had. As this is a chronic condition I’ve suffered with for many years, I know first hand that relief has never been easy to come by. I am a confirmed believer in chiropractic once again thanks to Dr. Adam. I look forward to a long and healthy relationship!”
  • YELP_STARS Empress S., Brooklyn, NY
    Let me start out by saying I suffer with back pain but I have never been to a chiropractor before But I woke up on 4/28 (Tuesday) with the pain from hell. It was so bad I couldn’t catch my breath. I was literally in tears. I couldn’t sit or couldn’t stand, I was walking with a severe limp. On a scale of 1-10 my pain was at 19.I was taking painkillers but even they weren’t helping. I called my boyfriend and said I have to see someone. I can’t live like this. My boyfriend’s friend told me to see Dr Adam. I called on Thursday and got an appointment for the the next day, which was Friday. I went into the office and sat down and the receptionist Lisette immediately put on the massage chair for me. A few minutes later Dr Adam came out to meet me. HALLELUJAH. After asking all the right questions and listening to my answers, Dr Adam said “Let’s see what we can do for you”. After a treatment and adjustment all I can say is OMG!I went back the next day for another treatment and adjustment. On Saturday I was able to walk around without the constant pain and I slept so painlessly. I was even able to go to church on Sunday. Dr Adam is a life saver. The staff, Kee and Lisette are great. When you walk in you’re not just a chart number, you’re a person and they know your name. I would highly recommend Dr Nachmias to anyone who needs a chiropractor.
  • YELP_STARS Maria G., Brooklyn, NY
    I LOVE him. I don’t know how much more amazing a person can get. Dr. Adam is kind, HILARIOUS, super knowledgeable, gentle, kind, and genuinely concerned about his patients receiving proper care. After a near tragic car accident, my girlfriend and I experienced severe neck and back pains. Neither of us had ever visited a chiropractor before, and for our first time, we needed someone who was not only the BEST but someone that also took our, NO-Fault insurance, and was conveniently located.I love Yelp* because they tell the truth! EVERY single review for Dr. Adam was glowing and accurate. I kept reading about his professionalism, care, and amazing staff. I was sold! My girlfriend and I immediately called his office and booked appointments. We spoke to Key, the amazing front desk receptionist, who was very kind and understanding when we had to reschedule twice! The F train is SUPER convenient, being literally steps away from the Brooklyn office. From the moment we arrived, we were treated like royal family. Key was very helpful with our initial paperwork, engaging, and warm. Dr. Adam came out and greeted us in the lobby. It was an instant connection, and the warm jokes, laughter, and comfort began.He sat with us and consulted us, and had a gentle touch our adjustments. He then sent us for X-rays, and designed special treatment paths for our individual injuries. We LOVE him. It’s like a family reunion when we get there. I couldn’t have envisioned a better situation. He’s just fantastic and we absolutely look forward to our visits, which aren’t really appointments actually, they’re more like hanging out with our friend that just happens to know how to crack jokes AND backs. GO SEE HIM NOW!!!
  • YELP_STARS Deborah B., Manhattan, NY
    I have been seeing Dr. Adam for several months to treat debilitating, blinding migraines and neck pain. Dr. Adam is AMAZING! After only a couple of sessions my symptoms began to dissipate. I see him regularly now for maintenance. He is a true healer and a lovely, gentle, thoughtful practitioner who clearly cares about his patients’ well being. He takes the time to talk with patients and really hears what they have to say and includes them in their treatment decisions. He is so terrific and such a pro that I have referred three of my own psychotherapy clients to him over the past 6 months. They all adore Dr. Adam and report feeling better physically and emotionally.
  • YELP_STARS I came to Dr. Adam as a result of a terrible back spasm (I know it to be that now) that I thought may have been a herniated disc.   I went on Zoc Doc and got all the reviews on him (which were ALL great) and said I gotta go to him.  I was in a lot of residual pain and couldn’t get to sleep for days because of it.  I felt the pain creeping down into my legs.When I walked into the office it wasn’t your typical “doctor” office.  It wasn’t white walls and linoleum floors.More like… carpeting and warm colors on the wall with a gentle dog named Capone roaming about (and i don’t even LIKE dogs – this one is cool in my book)  Looked like a close friend’s street level apt in a brownstone (which is what it is).  Everyone was in there laughing and talking.  I though it was a large staff just chatting and waiting.   Until I realized it was just one staff member and a gang of patients just all getting along.  Then Dr. Adam emerged.  Bubbly and disarming.  Super friendly and funny….

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Sample Reviews from Facebook 2017: FB

  • ★★★★★ Truly is a healer!! Dr. Adam is the best and so is his staff! Graziella Bullaro.
  • ★★★★★ This is not just an adjustment, it is an experience and an extremely entertaining and fun one as well! Dr. Adam is a most excellent chiropractor and brilliantly helped me through post accident pain in the past. I recently returned because of general back and shoulder pain related to sitting all day at work as well as developing trigger finger. After my second visit, I am feeling so much better, more energized, less sore and like the synapses are once again firing – like my old self!! Go here. Janine Feczko.
  • ★★★★★ “Simple the best… better than all the rest.” I feel NEW: like a fresh-made person after each adjustment. I love that I feel like I am visiting family as well. Warm and loving smiles always. Victor Dave Green Jr.

  • ★★★★★ “I’d never been to a chiropractor before and I was super nervous, but Dr. Nachmias was so friendly and made me feel really comfortable…even through some really gnarly noises coming out of my back! Everyone in the office was wonderful and it’s really easy to book an appointment online. Looking forward to my next visit! Britta Wolfrum.
  • ★★★★★ Dr. Nachmias has a fantastic office & wonderful staff. Not only does the office feel comfortable & welcoming, but they also treat all patients equally. I’m so grateful to have discovered Dr. Nachmias, because he makes sure that his services are accessible to as many people as possible. As a medicaid patient, my insurance doesn’t cover chiropractor visits – but I was in desperate need of an adjustment because I’m a dog walker & hurt my neck & couldn’t move properly. He offers his medicaid patients the courtesy of $25 visits – and NO other chiropractor I had called up to that point had offered such an opportunity. I highly recommend Dr. Nachmias & the entire Park Slope office because it’s an enjoyable experience all around! Shoshana Frishberg-Izzo.
  • ★★★★★ Dr. Adam has saved my back! Can’t thank him enough. I actually look forward to my visits. Never a long wait time at all. Katie Jane McWilliams.
  • ★★★★★ Dr. Adam is the best! He is so personable and the wait time is great. It’s like you are part of the family when you are here. Not to mention, my back has never felt better! Highly recommended! Tricia Charles.
  • ★★★★★ I couldn’t ask for a better chiropractor! And Key is the best receptionist and incredibly accommodating. Dan Smith.
  • ★★★★★ Dr. Adam Nachmias is a miracle worker!! I’m amazed by his magic hands… I have suffered from continuous migraine attacks and lower back pain for the last 3 years. Right before the treatment, I had experienced 2 days of severe headache that didn’t want to go away, and only after one treatment my headache disappeared. Amazing!!! The back pain is sooo much better also and my body feels light and totally refreshed. I wish I was living in New York, so I could come and see him regularly, since my years as a dancer has taken its toll on my body.  It was well worth the trip to New York! See you when I get back, love you Adam. Stina Pettersson.

  • ★★★★★ Went in for my first-ever chiropractic appointment because of rapidly worsening neck/ shoulder/ arm pain. Dr. Nachmias was kind and friendly, explained the procedure and knew exactly how to treat my condition. I feel much better and will definitely be returning! If you have neck or back pain, do not wait! Alexandra Lotero.

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