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Chiropractic Care for Diabetes by Nachmias Chiropractic

Diabetes can be a serious health issue that has either been developed as a young child (typically referred to as juvenile diabetes, or Type 1) or developed later in age from an unhealthy lifestyle.

Either way, those that suffer from diabetes have to take great caution in maintaining healthy levels of glucose (sugar levels) in order to risk serious damage to their bodies.

Research points to evidence that chiropractic care may make a valuable contribution to a wellness protocol that helps those diagnosed with diabetes. Diabetes is the fifth deadliest disease in the United States and a growing epidemic worldwide, so help is desperately needed! Chiropractic care may help in stabilizing healthy levels of blood sugar in both those that suffer from diabetes and those that don’t.

The average person may not recognize how diabetes and chiropractic are connected. What does the back have to do with blood sugar? Often, an electrician understands this faster than most people. For example: Interfering with current flow through the wires, appliances or other areas of the house, would probably lead to loss of normal function. In worst case scenario the wires might even catch fire.

If the nerve supply from the upper neck or middle back (the two areas, which supply the pancreas) are disturbed, pancreatic function suffers; maybe in it’s ability to produce enzymes to digest proteins, fats and carbohydrates, or maybe insulin production, or both. Blood sugar and digestion become unbalanced, resulting in either diabetes or hypoglycemia.

How Does Chiropractic Help Diabetes?
The upper neck and middle of the back are both responsible for supplying nerve signals to the brain and the vital organs. When there isn’t a sufficient amount of responses happening, the pancreas, blood sugar levels and digestion are all affected. When the pancreas is not functioning properly, this may result in the lack of enzymes produced to help with vital roles, such as digestion and the production of insulin.

When both the blood sugar and digestion are not working properly there are two major health risks that can arise: diabetes or hypoglycemia. Chiropractic care would not replace the regime that the doctor has prescribed to a patient, but would serve as an additional treatment option (parts taken from: &

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