Summer Health Tips

Summer Health Tips from Your Chiropractor – Nachmias Chiropractic

Summer Health Tips from Your Chiropractor – Nachmias Chiropractic

The summer is here…and with nice weather people often increase their outdoor activities, for example; working around the home, expanding in a variety of outdoor exercises, hiking in new environments, bicycling to destinations instead of using the car etc. However, along with all activity comes extra pressure and strain on your back and body. Nachmias Chiropractic wants to highlight some minor tips that can help you stay healthy and happy during the summer.

Keep the Water Coming
There are several ways to enjoy water… you can take a nice cooling swim or drink it in good amounts to stay hydrated. Swimming is a great option for chiropractic patients suffering from chronic joint pain. It’s the perfect way to get exercise, while relieving your joints from pressure.

In extreme summer heat it’s easy to become dehydrated and to be at risk of heat stroke. While outdoors, ensure you have plenty of water to stay hydrated. Water also benefits your body by enhancing muscle function, aiding in body temperature regulation, promoting cardiovascular health, improving skin health, and helps cleansing your body of harmful toxins.

Soak up Some Sun
In addition to helping your body produce vitamin D, which is essential to your immune system and bone health, the sun imparts several other benefits to those who bask in its light. All it takes is 15-20 minutes a day of direct sunlight to boost your vitamin D to the desired levels. Sunlight has also been shown to prevent depression, fight cancer, and  even relieve and heal certain dermatological conditions. However, don’t forget to use sun block… Too much sun exposure leads to sunburns, which are painful and dehydrate the body. In worst case sunburns might lead to skin cancer.

Enjoy Exercise and Why Not Outside?
Nothing is quite as good for you as regular exercise. Exercise improves overall health, the immune system, mood, and also helps you to control your weight. We highly recommend to step off the treadmill and get outside. You can swim, hike, bicycling, use an outdoor gym in a park or just take regular long walks. For the more advanced….interval training, such as body weight exercises, provide great workouts that are easily moved outside. Most important have fun when doing your exercises, and it will no longer feel like a must or work.

After exercising in the sun or working hard at the office, be sure to give yourself a break. Whether you have sore muscles or anxiety, make time to relax. Chronic stress is one of the worst things for your health, impacting every part of your body. Take a long bath, read a book, or treat yourself to a therapeutic massage. At Nachmias Chiropractic we have highly qualified massage therapists. Massage is a good compliment to regular chiropractic care (parts inspired by &

This leads us onto the most important tip of all; be sure to continue on your regular program with your chiropractor, Dr. Adam Nachmias. Without your health you cannot enjoy all the wonderful activities the summer has to offer. Although, things get busy during the summer months, taking care of your spine becomes no less important!

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Enjoy an active and healthy summer with the help of Nachmias Chiropractic!

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