Sore After Chiropractic?

Why Do You Sometimes Feel Sore After Chiropractic?

Sore After Chiropractic? by Nachmias Chiropractic

As a new chiropractic patient, you may be wondering how you will feel after your first spinal, or chiropractic, adjustment. Many people are anxious before they visit the chiropractor, because they associate a spinal adjustment with old-school, painful cracking techniques, but there is no need to worry!

A common question is if it’s going to hurt, and when you can expect to feel the pain relief you are seeking. Since the healing process affects each person differently, there’s no foolproof way to know how your body will respond to your first chiropractic treatment. You can feel slight discomfort after your treatment, before the actual pain relief happens, which we are going to explain more about below. However, in many cases the healing effects of chiropractic care are felt almost instantaneously after.

Common Reactions to Chiropractic Adjustments
In the course of being treated for spinal subluxations, certain reactions may be experienced by the patient receiving the chiropractic adjustment. The most common reaction to spinal manipulation is aching or soreness in the spinal joints or muscles. In some cases patients feel crooked or a bit off, since they are now aligned for the first time in long, and their bodies have gotten used to the incorrect postures.

In addition, people may feel a slight amount of soreness or aching in the spinal joints. Soreness around the subluxation is normal, because it’s the area where muscles have been pulling for a long time, so moving them any differently will cause some discomfort.

Retracing is another common effect after an adjustment. People may revisit the discomfort of an old injury as their body is trying to heal. This is rarely a problem, but is an indication of deep healing. This usually happens within a few hours of the treatment, and doesn’t last longer than 24 hours. An ice pack or a mild analgesic often reduces the symptoms of soreness or aching quickly (parts taken from: &

With Dr. Adam Nachmias at Nachmias Chiropractic’s technique when performing chiropractic adjustments, or spinal manipulations, the post-reactions are minimal and the positive health effects are enormous! To confirm this statement, read Dr. Adam’s spectacular patient reviews.

Like mentioned earlier there is no need to worry, there will only be positive health effects to discover! To book your chiropractic exam and consult with Dr. Adam Nachmias,
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