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Nachmias Chiropractic- Certified in Treating Patients Injured from Auto Accidents Has an auto/car accident injury left you struggling with chronic pain? Back pain, neck pain, headaches and migraines are just a few of the serious pain problems caused by auto accidents. Even if you walk away with only a few bruises, you may still have sustained serious spinal injuries that may not begin to show symptoms until days or months after the accident.

The worst mistake you can make after getting into an auto accident is to assume that it will be fine or just cover up the symptoms with Tylenol or some other pain killer. These drugs will not fix the problem, and could allow injuries to get worse in the near future or cause you permanent damage later on from allowing the injury to “sit in” and get worse. This happens all too often, and years down the road can be too late to effectively treat conditions like these.

In order to understand why you should turn to Dr. Adam Nachmias after an auto accident injury and why he is so successful in treating these types of injuries, it is important to understand exactly what happens to the spine during an auto accident. The force of a rear impact accident, even at slow speeds, can “whip” the cervical spine backwards and forwards. When this force acts on the spine, it can knock it out of alignment. If a slipped or herniated disc compresses nearby nerves, accident victims will experience a radiating or numbing pain sensation in the body. As long as this disc continues to place pressure on the nerves, patients will continue to experience pain.

Whiplash treatment is usually one of the key parts of auto accident injury recovery, and
Dr. Adam Nachmias can help explore all the best ways to treat this ailment. Whiplash injuries cause more than neck pain; they are also responsible for headaches and migraines, and may even affect a patient’s ability to concentrate. Unfortunately, as long as the spinal misalignment persists, so will these pain symptoms.

Sciatica, a pain condition symptomatic of a misalignment in the lower spine, is also a frequent auto accident injury. A numbing or radiating pain sensation along the buttocks, legs and lower back characterizes this painful condition. Chiropractic adjustments can help restore the spine’s natural curvature, relieving pressure on the sciatic nerve. This is another example of how chiropractic care can make a difference for auto injury patients.

Not all chiropractors are certified personal injury chiropractors, but Dr. Adam is one of them and is expert in treating whiplash and sciatica injuries from auto accidents. A personal injury certified chiropractor is essential to diagnose injuries to the soft tissues and joints. The examination procedure will include x-ray analysis, orthopedic evaluation, neurological testing and hands on feeling of the joints and muscles. Afterwards,
Dr. Adam can form a good treatment plan to first of all relieve the patient from pain, get them active and fully functional again, and most important resolve the injuries so that there are not long-lasting effects.

Note! Restoring natural movement is an important part of auto accident injury recovery. Immobilizing an injury, such as using a cervical collar to immobilize the neck after an accident, can actually block the healing process. A cervical collar restricts movement and blood flow, which slows healing
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Your first action after you have been a victim of an auto accident is to get a thoroughly exam by Dr. Adam Nachmias. He will expose and immediately treat possible whiplash or sciatica injuries. Don’t allow yourself to develop chronic pain from an auto accident, you deserve to feel good and pain free again!

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