Painful Menstrual Cycles – PMS & Dysmenorrhea – Chiropractic Can Help!

Painful Menstrual Cycles - PMS & Dysmenorrhea – Chiropractic Can Help! Nachmias ChiropracticEvery month, the female body goes through a series of changes that serve to prepare it for a possible preg­nancy. For all women, hormone levels go through a series of peaks and valleys in a 28-day cycle (on average). It is precisely coordinated with only one end result in mind: to create and birth a child.


The 3 main processes of the menstrual cycle are:

  1. Ovula­tion
  2. Fertilization
  3. Implantation

When everything goes as planned, each month an egg (ovum) is released from the ovary. The uterus prepares for a potentially-fertilized egg to be implanted in its nutrient-thick walls.

It takes about three days for the ovum to make its way through the fallopian tubes (during which time it may be fertilized by sperm) and into the uterus, where the actively dividing group of cells is to be implanted.

If fertilization does not occur within this window of time, the brain and body receive signals to start this cycle all over again. As this happens, the inner lining of the uterus is released, trigger­ing the bleeding stage of the menstrual cycle, which typically lasts about three to seven days. This process is though on the female body in a number of ways.

What Is Dysmenorrhea and PMS?

Even though the menstrual cycle is a natural physiological phenomenon, it can be extremely painful for some women – both physically and emotionally.

When a woman experiences severe physical pain and cramping during the menstrual cycle, she is diagnosed with dysmenorrhea. However, if she experiences a combination of physical and emotional symptoms just prior to the onset of menses, then she often gets diagnosed with pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS).

Up to 90% of all young women are estimated to experience some form of dysmenorrhea. Another 75% to 85% of females will suffer from various degrees of PMS during their lifetime. Women have to suffer a lot in regards to menstrual cycles.

How Can Chiropractic Help PMS & Dysmenorrhea?

If you are a woman, you know how painful menstrual cycles can be. Often, we accept the pain and emotional suffering as being a “normal” state, and are just trying to suffer it through until the next cycle, when we in fact not have to!

Low back pain and stomach cramps are a common combo during menses. The back pain is often displaced pain from the reproductive organs and these organs depend upon a healthy nervous supply from the lower spinal column. If the nerves threads between the reproductive organs and the spine are somehow blocked, it can lead to menstrual pain, cramping, and irregularities.

Putting the lower spine back into proper alignment with chiropractic adjustments will relieve the pressure on these nerves going to the reproductive organs, relieving both menstrual and lower back pain.

A healthy nervous system boosts the overall immune system. It also ensures that the body can cope with emotional difficulties like PMS, stress, and depression, since it allows for a proper serotonin release.

Evidence Supporting Chiropractic Care for Problematic Menstrual Cycles

Most medical practitioners suggest anti- inflammatory or analgesic medications to help ease the pain caused by these problems. This will only reduce the pain symptoms temporarily, but does not continuously help your menstrual cycles get easier.

Anti-inflammatory medications can also come with other unwanted side effects, such as even more stomach pain due to a reaction to strong chemicals.

A recent study of 13 female chiropractic patients with dysmenorrhea got helped using a specific chiropractic technique referred to as the drop-table method. Over two menstrual cycles, subjects received three treat­ments per cycle, specifically adjusting spinal restrictions in the lumbosacral area of the spine.

They all responded favorably to treatment, with significant reductions in back pain and general abdominal pain (sources: &

Nachmias Chiropractic Is Here for You!

Let Dr. Adam Nachmias – Nachmias Chiropractic help ease your painful menstrual cycles, and relieve you from PMS and dysmenorrhea! Dr. Adam has successfully treated women with menstrual complications such as; irregular cycles, PMS, and painful dysmenorrheal, for 26 years.

Dr. Adam Nachmias knows what he is capable of – which is to give patients relief from all kinds of pain conditions and ill health!

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