Tired or Flu Symptoms After Chiropractic? Nachmias Chiropractic Explains Why!

Tired or Flu Symptoms After Chiropractic? Nachmias Chiropractic Explains Why!Feeling particularly tired after a chiropractic session is very common. In fact, it is a good thing! In this issue we are going to present a common reaction to chiropractic treatments, called toxic release.

After visiting the chiropractor, especially if it is your first time, you may experience what chiropractors prefer to call a toxic release. This will appear as slight cold or flu-like symptoms and/or tiredness. It is not due to the clinic being unhygienic or from the chiropractic adjustment itself, but from a condition called toxic relief.

What Is Toxic Release?

Up to 20 percent of patients experience this condition after receiving chiropractic adjustments, and although it sounds scary, it is actually a positive reaction. When undergoing chiropractic manipulations, the toxins in our bodies are being released. After treatment the toxins leave the body as waste when visiting the restroom. This is positive for the body and makes it healthier and stronger.

Unfortunately, the expelling of these toxins can cause some temporary unpleasant symptoms. Just know that it is only your body adjusting to the expulsion of all negative energy, and the symptoms will soon pass. Some of the symptoms you may experience if your body does go through toxic release are:

  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Night sweats
  • Tight muscles and/or
  • Diarrhea

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