Watch Your Neck from Text Neck!

Watch Your Neck from Text Neck!  To avoid this problem go see Nachmias Chiropractic + download the “Watch Your Neck” app
– To avoid this problem go see your chiropractor + download the “Watch Your Neck” app

What do 6 sacks of potatoes, 4 adult-sized bowling balls and an 8-year-old child have in common? All are equal to the amount of pressure texting puts on your neck
and back.

With over 2.19 trillion text messages sent annually, there’s a fairly known condition that is plaguing smartphone users known as “text neck.” The injury involves stiffness in your neck and shoulders, and is typically caused by excessive smartphone or computer usage.

Research has shown that craning the neck over a smartphone or cell phone texting, tweeting, checking Facebook or Google+, can exert an extra 60 pounds of weight on the head of an adult, leading to potential spinal problems and maybe even surgery. The farther your head falls forward, the more dramatically the weight increases on your neck and spine.

Nachmias Chiropractic gives you two ways of avoiding painful text neck:

  1. Visit our office and have Dr. Adam Nachmias align your spine with the help of chiropractic adjustments. This will immediately take away the pain (except for some possible soreness the day after), and get your neck back into alignment.
    Dr. Adam Nachmias has extensive knowledge of neck and back injuries after 25 years as a chiropractor. He recently got awarded 2016’ Best Chiropractor in New York for the 2nd year in a row, by
  2. For everyday use of smartphones and computers, there is now an app, called Watch Your Neck, that monitors and alarms you when your posture is out of place. Tilting your head down while looking at your phone can result in text neck. This app has a built-in neck tracker that will signal if your phone is tilted too far back. The signal will turn green when you are properly holding your phone.  Check it out here and go and download it in your app store.

Technology is advancing, but it is always best with the traditional hands on treatment options. If you suffer from neck pain or just want to prevent this symptom to occur, you are welcome to book an appointment with Dr. Adam Nachmias Mondays through Saturdays.

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Find relief and treat your text neck at Nachmias Chiropractic!

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